Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what have I

Blue looked at Clare across the table in the library. He wanted to reach out and touch her so badly, but instead he looked at his paper. He could see her nerves were getting to her.

"We're good? Right?" He whispered.

She just sucked in a breath.

His eyes tensed. "I haven't hurt you, have I?" His fingers brushed against her hands. A slight smile shown. He smiled too. He looked then to see KC coming in. He went back to his math problem. That's all they needed. Her ex looking him over as if he were an oger of some kind.

"Lets get out of here." He watched her mouth move. He just stared for a moment.

"What?" He squinted as if he might be a dunce. Or the air-head that he was. He grabbed her books then so she wouldn't have to hold them. The took off out of the library and out the entrance. It wasn't until they got to the park that he felt completely free. Not a soul in sight.

He dropped the books to the ground and reached for her face with the palm of his hand and kissed her as if this was meant to be. The two of them. Together. Before he knew it they were in the grass. Rolling about as the sun came in out of the cottonball clouds. They laid there for sometime watching the clouds. His fingers intertwined with hers.

"I know how everyone went on and on about how beautiful your sister was, but no one seems to know just how goregeous you are, but me." He rested his cheek in his hand as he turned to look at her. He slid the other hand under shirt where it rested on her belly. His mouth found hers, and they ate each other for sometime.

If only they could make love with their clothes on, but what good would that be when he really wanted to be naked with her.


ori said...

LUV IT!!!!

Holly said...

hahhaa..he's so cool.

ellie said...

how in the world did I miss it. wow.