Friday, June 18, 2010

on the hunt

Wesley was getting closer. He found Ali alone in the cafeteria. He so wanted to make his move, but he sat there so still as if she might think he was a statue.

"You're really weird, you know that." Ali noted walking by with her tray.

"Why do you say that?" It was like a sign, telling him now was the time to get close to her. He plopped down next to her.

"Did I say you could sit there?" She grimaced.

"Its a free country isn't it?" He shrugged.

She went to take a bite of her fry.

He so wanted to ask her where Johnny was. He was no where in sight. How in the world would Wesley ever get rid of Johnny if he couldn't find him.


ori said...

hahaha..yeah, Wesley is so interesting.

ellie said...

Wesley, he can't really be bad, can he?

Holly said...

what is his problem?

ellie said...

he's creepy.

Fenny said...

Wesley was great

misty said...

wesley, just doesn't seem the type, but you never know.