Saturday, June 12, 2010

oh snap!

Clare was a little shy, but Ali had got her to buy a bikini.

"You want to be sexy, don't you?" Ali was all smiles. She found her a red checked one. It was simply a classic.

"I dunno." Clare remained innocent about her moments with Blue. Of course, she was thinking of his gorgeous abs and his sweet biceps.

"You'll be adorable in this." Ali promised.

"I guess." Clare didn't smile though. Usually, he only wanted her with nothing on. She bit her bottom lip as she held that thought. She'd seen it. Fully loaded in fact. But she hadn't touched it yet. It was just a matter of time. She guessed.

"What do you two do, exactly?" Ali nudged for a complete answer.

"What?" Clare suddenly winced. Thinking of evrything that went down between them. The heavy kissing. His lips always made her so haute and wanting more, spreading her legs apart. "Nothing." She was so mad that Ali would ask.

Clare snatched the bikini from Ali. She felt herself shaking. She would never tell Ali, anything.

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meg said...

ali might get to the bottom of this.