Wednesday, June 9, 2010

around and around

Anyone at school could tell Declan that Holly J was the meanest bitch at school. But he kind of liked that about her. He liked sleeping with his enemies. And fooling around with would be bullies. Yeah, Jane was a little strange. After all, he'd found out she'd kissed her girl. He thought so. But it was kind of fun for her to confess it in a drunk moment.

Yeah, sometimes, it was a laugh to see just how wasted he could get her.

And then there was Holly J. He was getting a bit perturbed with her. For starters, she never had time for him. Second, his mom kept begging him to move to NYC with them. But he hadn't yet. He was just having too much damn fun around here, even if he wasn't enrolled in Degrassi. He could still roam the halls.

It was during one of those times that he saw HJ talking it up with her, so called ex, Blue.

"What was that about?" He taunted. "Old lover's quarrel."

"No." She winced trying to put her books away.

"Then what did he want?" He gave her a stare down.

"It was nothing." She sighed.

"Yeah, it was. It looked like you were going to blow each other out of the water. What did he do?" Naturally, he gave her that spill they were suppose to talk about everything.

"Look, Clare has a crush on him." She told him.

"So." He shrugged. "Whats the big deal? She's got a crush on everyone. Even me." He smiled.

"This is different." She was closed lip about it.

"What are you talking about?" He winced.

"I dunno. I want to find out." She admitted.

Declan just smiled. Well, maybe she would. It just mean more time he could spend with Jane.


misty said...

Why is she so cruel???

so jade said...

I don't like Holly J. She should worry about herself with Declan.

lucy and sarah said...

She loves to start trouble.

Fenny said...

Holly J always doing that.
Anyway, I'm not crochet.