Saturday, May 22, 2010

what if

"Shhh...." Clare reminded Ali. "You have to keep a secret."

"Why? You and Blue are going out, right?" She was all smiles. Happy this KC thing was behind her. Still she hated Jenna very much. She was on Clare's side.

"Kind of." Clare looked scared. Maybe.

"You are OK, aren't you. Blue hasn't tried-"

"No, no, really, he's great." Clare nodded. "Its just, he doesn't know if a senior should be going out with a freshman. He thinks it might look funny."

"Seriously?" Ali never felt that when she was with Johnny.

"I dunno. He's weird that way, I guess." Clare shrugged.

"You don't want weird, Clare." Ali told her.

"I really, really like him though." Clare sighed.

"I know. Its just, be careful, Clare. Be careful." Ali didn't want to tell her this, but someone had been stalking her, lately with texts. She had no idea how they knew her number, even. She was sure it was all Johnny's fault. Had to be him behind it. Ali gritted a smile then. What if it was Johnny wanting her back?


meg said...

I wonder who it could be.

ellie said...

wonder who's stalking ali.

Giselle said...

O_O oh shoot.