Sunday, May 16, 2010


"Are you actually listening to yourself?" Declan winced as he held on to Jane. "What the fuck?"

"Your sister, she said these freaky things about, you." Jane was so bitter. It would be like starting over with her.

"That's because she is a freak? Have you not forgotten that? She's the FREAK. NOT ME!" He bellowed in the empty room they'd found to hide in, in the attic, of the school where the costumes weren't even located. Declan knew of a secret room. This was their secret place.


"No, listen to me, Fiona's been mental for years now. OK. Don't believe a word she says." Declan was serious as he shook Jane, ever to slightly, now. "We. You and me. Are OK. This is the way you want it. Remember. If Spinner isn't to know. It has to be this way. Right?"

Jane just nodded.

"I guess." She winced.

"So, we're good?" His eyes glared at her as if she needed to be his and his alone.

"You know, nothing is really going on with Holly J and me. Right?" He was serious.

"Yeah, I guess so." She shrugged.

"You know, its just for looks. That's it. That's all their is to it. You know, how into I am with you." He sighed then.

Finally her tears subsided. They kissed which was only the beginning. They kissed as if it were time. Time for them to be together. Right now. Here. Even if their wasn't a bed. He pushed her up against the wall. Higher.  A little higher.

God, how he loved the Victorian style, and it helped that Jane wore more dresses now. Yeah, something to be said for having sex with your clothes still on.


Fenny said...

Hey, are you delete some last post? Hiks :(
I love the kiss scene. Imagine it's very romantic.

misty said...

Declan is so bad..sometimes. Evidently.

Holly said...

Declan is a sly one.

meg said...

Oh, Declan..bad boy!

ellie said...

I love that pic of him..

Fenny said...

Waiting for your new post.

axel said...

He's a bit strange.