Friday, May 28, 2010

love wand

Wesley knew what it looked like. He wanted it to look that way. He wanted everyone to think it was Clare that he couldn't get enough of. After all, she'd bit him during their make out session. Of course, the only reason he went to that party was in hopes of scoring with Ali. That was who he really wanted to be with.

Not this nerdy Clare. Although, they were pretty darn cute together. He could be her Harry Potter and she could be his Hermione. Wouldn't that be just sweet?

Honestly, though, it was Ali he wanted to get too. He had a list to complete here at the new school.

1. get good grades.
2. make KC look like a loser.
3. get what he came for. KILL JOHNNY.
4. make Ali stop thinking about Johnny.
5. run away with Ali after he killed Johnny.


he and him said...

This is amazing..hehehee.

ellie said...

oh boy, he sounds evil.

so jade said...

very intriguing.