Wednesday, May 5, 2010

tell me about it

Spinner thought it was great that he and Jane did so much together. The band. Everthing. But she still wouldn't move in with him. He didn't know why.

"Its just easier to deal." There was still that childhood traumatic thing that she would not talk about. He thought moving in with him would do the trick. Still, she made it sound as if he might stiffle her somehow.

She was being weird. What the hell was going on?

He was laid back about it, though. He'd just wait and let her tell him what was really going on. It couldn't be his fault, could it

But she was so jumpy around that new dude, Declan. Why was he so haute? He didn't get it. Was she nervous around him because he thought she was a big shot? Was that it?

Yet, there were some days that he didn't see Jane at all.

Where was Jane? He couldn't get her on his cell. Couldn't find her anywhere.

"Probably studying." Holly J would tell him. He guessed she was looking out for her. After all, she was seeing this Declan dude. Everything had to be all right with him. Wasn't it? She was a good judge of character. Of course, she'd tell him how fit he was. How his hair never looked better.

"Are you coming on to me?" Spinner wondered one day while they were working at the Dot.

"No," she slapped his shoulder though, like maybe she really was. "You're like a big brother I never had, you idiot."

He guessed he was getting everything wrong these days. But it was kind of freaky how Jane was around Declan. Just what was the deal. And was there anything to worry about?


axel said...

will spinner ever get a clue???

ellie said...

hmmm..he needs to think about this.

cass and cady said...

oh, spinner..he's kind of the lost boy.

knk said...

i think spinner is an idiot

meg said...

I love KNK's comment.