Saturday, May 8, 2010

i know what you said what i said wasn't true

Jane wasn't sure if she could be so cool like Declan. How did he do it? Have his arm around Holly J acting all sweet like the perfect boyfriend should be and still wanting to be with her.

She was beginning to think he might have a personality disorder.

"You have to get away from him," his sister said.

"What?" Fiona had found Jane in the girl's restroom at school.

"I've been watching you." She said so forboding that it scared Jane into a tizzy. She was gonna need a pill or something just to calm her down. Naturally, Fiona had something to sooth her nerves in that very large bag of hers.

"He's no good for you." Fiona told her. "He can't help himself."

"What are you talking about?" Jane was still frantic even if she had taken the perscription drugs that Fiona had given her.

"He's not right in the head." Fiona winced.

"Stop being so fucking mysterious and tell me what is going on?" Jane demanded.

"He has this alter ego. And he has to feed it." Her eyes lit then.

"Feed it?" Still too mysterious for Jane.

"Look, he can be someone else when he wants too." Fiona admitted. "Why do think he's such a good actor and all that drama shit. He's like a drama king."

Jane just nodded.

"You see, we think he's Declan, but he might not really be Declan. He's this other guy who goes by Declan too. He can turn it on and off so quick. Sometimes, you never know." She was sounding scary.

Jane was beginning to wonder if Fiona had anything to do with making Declan this way.


ellie said...

oh now..demon declan..ahahaha.

Nick n Heath said...

Who could trust Fiona?

the oaks said...

oh. this is interesting.

meg said...

Maybe Fiona has problems too.

lily said...

who's more crazy???