Saturday, May 1, 2010

this time for sure

Really, life just hadn't been the same for Claire after KC. She didn't think she'd miss him so much, but she did. She felt bad that she hadn't fought for him more. But she just wasn't the type to beg for forgiveness either. Of course, she didn't think she needed to be forgiven for anything. Wasn't this all KC's fault anyway?

Ali might as well have been in the same boat, but she wouldn't admit it.

"We're just going through a dry spell that's all?" Ali shrugged it off.

Clare wasn't to thrilled with Ali's assumption. After all, didn't she have someone waiting in the wings for her. Or maybe she was seeing Johnny and she wouldn't tell. Clare wouldn't put anything past her. So if Ali was going to keep Johnny a secret. So would Clare. She had her eye on someone too.
She was leaving KC behind. Those days were over. She wanted to meet someone much older and so much more mature. But this time she'd really have to sneak around. No one could know. But maybe it would work out. Just maybe. This time with Kelly.


ellie said...

I dunno..Kelly????

Holly said...

You changed it around. cool header!

Swimming Horse said...

Kelly! Very interesting, I would go out with him if he asked me.

Btw, I like how you have pics with your fic. Never seen that before, I might borrow it, if I ever publish any of my writings