Sunday, October 10, 2010

say it ain't so

"What?" Clare didn't believe this. Blue was the exception to the rule. She hadn't felt so great about anyone since..since KC. And this was so important. She needed him. She needed this. Trouble was brewing with her parents. It was just a matter of time before they split. "You're leaving me?"

He had graduated high school after all, hadn't he?

"I know, its this last minute thing. They lost my diploma or something, and now it looks like I can get into this art school in New York City." He was serious. She guessed it was the truth.

"Can I come with you?" OK, maybe she sounded like a child, and they were in the ally behind the Dot.

"No, don't you see?" He tried to smile. "You have to stay here. Finish up. Be the smartest girl at Degrassi. I have to go."

"But I don't want you too." Her body certainly didn't. She reached for him then, pulling her toward him as she hung on to his belt loops. She wanted him. She was certain of it. Couldn't he do this one last little thing for her? Before he had to go? She closed her eyes hoping he found his way to make her happy one last time.


ellie said...

how could blue do this to her.

DFF said...

I like her a Blue together.