Thursday, September 16, 2010

it couldn't be a mistake

Blue wanted to take it to the next level with Clare. A trip perhaps.

"Its not a game," Jane looked at him blankly. Why was she bothering him now?

OK, they'd had a one night stand once because she thought Spinner was just a little too aggressive. Of course, she'd done as she pleased with Blue. After all, it was her way of maybe getting back at Spin. And he had been like a fast food throw away, afterwards.

"Did I say it was?" Blue tensed. "I love her." It was so simple. Yet, he didn't dare dwell on it. Girls around her seemed to hate that word.

They had met at the mall and were chilling with a shake now.

"I just think you need someone, a little more sophisticated." She gave him a dead stare.

"Like you?" He smiled thought it was a laugh. He hardly found her that way. "This is real what Clare and I have and..and I wouldn't cheat on her. I just wouldn't." Blue told her.

"What if she's cheating on you?" Jane told him. "Look, just come to New York with me. You'll love it there. Just stay away from little children like her. All right. I'd be good for you. I honestly would."

Blue sucked at his shake. She had to be lying about Clare. She just had too.


DFF said...

Yeah! I love the update.

E.L. said...

Keep going!

simon and josh said...

He might be too old for her. Maybe he and Jane could be good New York City friends.

meg said...

I think he'd be better with Jane. She's older.