Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just a plunge

Spinner raced home. He felt the urge to hit something. But when he turned around, there was Holly J right behind him.

"STOP IT!" He looked down at her.

"What are you gonna do, Spin?" Holly looked so worked up and worried.

"What, you think I'm going to rip that little head of that player of yours, right off his so perfect body!" Spinner swelled up, meaner than a bull-frog.

"NO." Holly shook her head. "YOU CAN'T!" She swayed with him as he tried his best for her to get out of his way.

"HOLLY J! I have to! I need this." He gritted. His fists were ready to pound Declan as soon as he found him. Only, Holly's lips rushed in, and she kissed as hard as she could.

"Don't do this! Please!" She whispered with all her might. She kept looking into his eyes, and he melted. She kissed him once more to show him that it wasn't worth tracking down Declan just to get in a fight with him.

He breathed her in. His heart slowed a bit. He was once so bitter, but now he was turning into jello perhaps, for Holly J. Spinner hugged her. She didn't let go. He knew he needed her. He did want to be with her. He wasn't going to give Jane another thought. That was over. It was all over. Spinner closed his eyes and felt Holly J's lips again. It was like he was really home. This time.


ori said...

I always wanted them together.

lily said...

HJ and Spinner..just what I've always wanted.

DFF said...

I always wanted them together.